Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

Dr. Waldruff provides confidential, fee-for-service, individual therapy, consultation/coaching in person, via telephone and/or video chat to both women and men. Dr. Waldruff works with people who have been in, or are in, relationships with narcissistic partners and others with personality disorders. He also works with friends and family members who have experienced collateral, emotional damage and loss as a result of a loved one becoming involved with a controlling, abusive partner.

Dr. Waldruff’s practice combines practical advice, problem-solving, support, reality testing and goal-oriented outcomes that successfully address the complex dynamics of living with a narcissistic partner.

Typical sessions focus on:

  • Exploring and identifying the behaviors and pathological traits in your partner/others that hurt you and those that you love.
  • Validating that you’re not “the crazy one” or that it’s “not all your fault “ or all in your head.”
  • Understanding the dynamics of narcissism, personality disorders and other maladaptive behaviors and how they affect intimate relationships.
  • Understanding the dynamics of abuse.
  • Understanding and dismantling the triggers that your partner uses to manipulate, control and abuse you.
  • Understanding the family and childhood experiences that make you susceptible to individuals that abuse or bully.
  • Developing strategies and coping skills, such as detachment and boundary setting.
  • Exploring the option of separation/divorce and developing strategies to navigate the family law system.
  • Developing strategies and coping skills post-break-up or post-divorce –such as detachment and boundary setting–that support successful relationships.
  • Dealing with effects of parental alienation.
  • Instituting and maintaining a” no contact policy.”
  • Mourning the loss of the relationship and letting go.
  • Learning to recognize the warning signs of potentially abusive people and/or those with personality disorders.
  • Learning how to avoid the traps set by emotional predators and bullies.
  • Developing support and strategies for current partners with a history that includes narcissistic or abusive former partners.
  • Developing strategies for co-parenting and/or step-parenting.

What client says:


I worked with Douglas to help me get rid of PTSD and other issues that had plagued me for years and caused much grief. I saw Douglas about 1/2 dozen times or more and he used EMDR. The results are totally unreal. Not only did this COMPLETLY cure my PTSD,

To wrap up, my experience with Douglas was life changing.

Ken S.